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Palestinian Health Ministry announced six new coronavirus cases, raising the total to 538.

Palestine confirmed Tuesday afternoon six new coronavirus cases, raising the total number of confirmed cases in the occupied territories to 538.

Health Minister Mai al-Kaileh announced that four Palestinians, identified as residents of As-Samou’ town, south of Hebron city, and two others, identified as residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Tur, all tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Among the six new confirmed cases were three children, including a two-year toddler.

She described the health condition of each of the 538 COVID-19 patients as stable, and confirmed that none of them was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit.

She pointed out that the number of cases in quarantine totaled 15,286, while a total of 39,903 cases were released from quarantine.

She noted that 25 COVID-19 patients recovered in Bethlehem Ramallah, Hebron and Jerusalem suburbs, raising the total number of recovered cases to 168.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ministry announced that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths among Palestinians in the diaspora has risen to 1,286 and 70 respectively, while 525 Palestinian patients in the diaspora have recovered so forth.