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Hamas appreciates British MPs call for sanctions against Israeli occupation

The Hamas Movement has applauded a galaxy of British lawmakers for voicing their rejection of Israel’s annexation plans in a letter they sent recently to their prime minister.

In a press release, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem said that such British position and the widespread international rejection of Israel’s annexation plans confirmed the isolation of the Zio-American policy.

The Hamas spokesman called on all parties that oppose Israel’s annexation policy to take practical and serious steps to prevent it from persisting in its expansion policy and punish it for its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people and land.

Recently, British lawmakers and officials from different political parties called for sanctions against Israel if it goes ahead with its plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank, emphasizing that such move is “illegal under international law.”

This came in a recent letter signed by 130 current and former MPs, including former Conservative Party chairman Chris Patten and former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell.

They urged British prime minister Boris Johnson to make it clear that annexation is illegal under international law and “will have severe consequences including sanctions.”