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Four Palestinian diaspora doctors have died serving humanity

Four Palestinian diaspora doctors have died while serving humanity in fighting the coronavirus pandemic in their respective countries, today said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, saluting “the honorable humanitarian role of our doctors and health professionals around the world.”

It said that it went into great lengths to tally the number of Palestinian doctors in the diaspora in an effort to honor all of the them for their role in serving humanity.

“The Palestinian medical staff of all specialties, whether doctors, pharmacists, nurses, paramedics, academics, specialists in supportive medical professions, laboratory workers, and researchers in the nature of this virus and their contributions to the search for a vaccine for it, have all made shining contributions to the historical, civilizational and humanitarian record of our people,” it said.

Some of those doctors, it added, have died while carrying out their humanitarian duties, such as Nabil Khair, who died while treating coronavirus patients in Italy, as well as the three doctors who died in Spain – Hisham Hamad, Qasim Issa and Atta Eid.