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Israeli army sanctions law banning money to Palestinian prisoners

The Hebrew media on Monday revealed that the Israeli military commander in the occupied West Bank recently signed a new decree considering the stipends paid to Palestinian prisoners “prohibited money.”

According to Israel’s channel seven, this military order will take effect as of May 9 and will allow Israel to confiscate prisoners’ stipends from banks or Palestinian citizens.

Meanwhile, the administration of an Israeli institute called Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) sent a message warning Palestinian banks against consequences if they dealt with money allocated to prisoners and urging them to close related bank accounts.

Senior PMW officials, including its director Itamar Marcus, had written to the heads of the different banks in the Palestinian Authority areas, warning them that if they continue to provide bank accounts through which the PA pays salaries to prisoners after May 9, they could face personal criminal liability as well as exposing their banks to civil law suits by what they called victims (Jewish settlers living in occupied territories).