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PA receives coronavirus medical aid from China

Palestinian Authority (PA)’s health ministry yesterday received an assistance package of 50,000 coronavirus testing kits from China’s e-commerce Alibaba Group.

The Palestinian Health Minister, Mai Al-Kaila, told local reporters that aid was provided in cooperation with Jack Ma, e-commerce giant Alibaba’s co-founder.

Al-Kaila thanked the Chinese president, government and people for their “generous assistance and support in light of the global spread of the coronavirus.

The adviser at the Chinese embassy in Ramallah, Wang Yi, said the donation had come “to support the PA as it faces the virus,” adding that her government appreciated “the level of difficulties” Palestine was experiencing amid the outbreak.

Since being identified in Wuhan, China, last December, the virus has spread to at least 184 countries and regions. So far, at least 1,981,912 people worldwide have contracted the virus, of whom more than 125,078 have died; 466,229 have recovered, according to the US’ Worldometers. WHO has declared the crisis a pandemic.