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NYT, Pro-Israeli group wage campaign against Amnesty Intl journalist over remarks against normalization

Gaza – The journalist Hind Khodary has been a target of a campaign by a pro-Israeli organization after she slammed a Zoom normalization meeting between Palestinians in Gaza and Israeli settlers.

The New York Times also published an article, slamming Khodary for her position against normalization with the Israeli occupiers.

The “UN Watch” called on Amnesty International to fire Khodary. It claimed she has got “Hamas to arrest a Palestinian peace activist for holding a Zoom call with Israeli peace activists”, referring to a citizen called Rami Aman.

On her personal social accounts, Khodary had slammed Aman’s normalization efforts after the security services in Gaza announced it arrested Aman and others over “normalization activities with the Israeli occupation via the Internet”, according to the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza Iyad Al-Bazm.

Aman and his colleagues had been referred for investigation and the legal procedures will be taken against them, Al-Bazm added.

The Palestinian law considers normalization with the occupation state as a punishable crime.

On his Facebook account, Aman describes himself as an independent journalist and member of the “Gaza Youth Committee”. He also refers to himself as a member of the Independent Personalities Gathering, although the gathering stressed that Aman was fired two years ago.