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British Palestinians commemorate Land Day

On this day, 30 March, the Palestinian Forum in Britain commemorates the 44th anniversary of Land Day, which recalls the heroic story of our people in defence of the land of our forefathers, from the brutal occupation appropriating not only our land but also our history and heritage.

Since 1976, 30 March became a day to celebrate our land; a day on which our people renew their promise to work towards resisting the occupation until our land returns to its rightful owners.

We, at the Palestinian Forum in Britain, along with the children of the Palestinian community in Britain, and all of our communities scattered globally, renew our promise in maintaining this shared vision.

Palestine with all its land, heritage and culture, belongs to the Palestinians through their successive generations; this fact will not alter with any false promises, void agreements or unjust decisions imposed by force and tyranny, because justice will win.

On this day, we remember and memorialise the blood of the martyrs, the anguish of the prisoners, the wounded and the mistreated peoples, who have made sacrifices in the name of Palestine.

All conspiracies and deals, the last of which being the so-called “deal of the century”, will be forsaken; the occupation, colonialism, and tyranny will collapse, and the Palestinian people – the righteous holders – will be victorious in the end.

We call on our people, at home and abroad, to announce on this day their unification around the shared intention to preserve the homeland and to continue triumphantly until we are victorious.

The world today is enduring a pivotal stage in its history due to the global pandemic. While we pray to God to lift this from humanity, this is a chance for the world to remember the suffering of the persecuted Palestinian people, especially those in the besieged enclave of the Gaza Strip. These events are ushering in global change, and we will continue working in all fields towards our legitimate right to liberation and to return to Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital.

We, at the Palestinian Forum in Britain, pay tribute on this day to the lives of the martyrs of our people. We send a salute to our valiant prisoners in captivation, and we preach to them that justice and victory are in the making.