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Hamas delegation meets Konstantin Kosachev in Moscow

A high-level delegation from the Hamas Movement led by its political bureau chief Ismail Haneyya met in Moscow on Tuesday with Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the federation council committee on international affairs.

According to a statement by Hamas, Kosachev expressed his country’s rejection of the US peace plan — known informally as the deal of the century — pledging to make efforts to thwart its implementation and work with other countries to achieve that.

The Russian official highlighted the importance of creating a unified Palestinian position to back the efforts to be made his country and other Arab and international parties to confront US president Donald Trump’s plan.

He hailed Hamas for the steps it had made to remove all obstacles preventing the holding of Palestinian elections and the achievement of the national unity.

For his part, Haneyya expressed his thanks to Russia for its firm supportive position towards the Palestinian cause and its opposition of Trump’s pro-Israel plan.

The Hamas official called on Russia to make practical steps to protect the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights and curb all conspiracies targeting their national cause.

The Hamas delegation also visited on the same day the Palestinian embassy in Moscow and met with ambassador Abdul-Hameed Nufel.