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Israeli forces killed three kids from Gaza last January, Israeli occupation admits

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Sunday informed the Palestinian civil affairs office that three Palestinian kids had been killed last January during their alleged attempt to infiltrate from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The slain kids were identified as Mohamed Abu Mindeel, Salem Na’ami and Mahmoud Sa’eid.

On January 21, Israeli news reports claimed that three Palestinian men were shot dead after they crossed from northern Gaza into an Israeli area, but the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza did not confirm what happened or if they were killed.

The Hebrew website 0404, an affiliate of the Israeli occupation army, claimed then that the Palestinians were armed and tried to enter Israel, without stating if they were children.

In order to justify the crime of killing those kids further, a spokesperson for the Israeli army also claimed at the time that they threw an explosive device or a hand grenade at soldiers after they crossed the border fence in southern Gaza.

The spokesperson only said the Palestinians were spotted and shot at, without specifying if they were kids or whether they were arrested or killed.