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A Palestinian horribly killed, four injured by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza

One Palestinian young man was cold-bloodedly killed and another was seriously injured after their exposure to artillery shelling and intensive gunfire by the Israeli occupation forces in a border area in the southeast of the Gaza Strip on Sunday morning.


According to local sources, another three young men also suffered injuries as they tried to get to the victims and evacuate them.

The Israeli targeting of the young men happened in the east of Abasan al-Saghira town, east of Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

Israeli news reports claimed a military force spotted two young men near the security fence and opened fire at them after they were suspected of their attempt to plant an explosive device in the area.

A reporter for Shehab said that some young men risked their lives to reach the two victims to evacuate them and managed to carry one of them suffering from serious injuries, while the other’s body was appallingly abused and dragged by a military bulldozer into the Israeli side of the border fence.

A spokesman for the health ministry in Gaza said that three young men suffered injuries during the attempts to save the victims and received medical assistance at the European Gaza Hospital.

An armored bulldozer was filmed repeatedly crushing the body of the slain Palestinian with its blade, then grabbing the corpse with the blade and swinging it back and forth in the air.

Shehab reporter said that the incident started with the IOF firing an artillery projectile and intensively opening machinegun fire for about 40 minutes towards the victims and their rescuers, amid drone overflights.