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Egypt renews detention of Palestinian activist Ramy Shaath

An Egyptian court has accepted the appeal of the Supreme Court against the release of Palestinian activist and coordinator of the BDS movement, Ramy Shaath, and has renewed his detention, The New Khalij reported on Friday.

The court renewed the detention of Shaath, son of the former Palestinian foreign minister, Nabil Shaath, to 45 days, over claims of links to what is known by mass media as “The Alliance of Hope”.

Shaath is accused of joining an illegally formed group and attempting to prevent state institutions from carrying out their work. The case includes a number of other figures including journalists Hossam Mounis and Hisham Fouad, among others.

Freedom for Ramy Shaath, a campaign seeking his release, announced that the reason behind his detention is his criticism of normalising ties with Israel and defending the Palestinian cause.