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Dozens injured in Israeli occupation forces quelling of West Bank protests

Scores of Palestinian citizens were injured on Friday when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violently quelled demonstrations in several West Bank areas against the settlement and the “deal of the century”.

Local sources said that violent clashes broke out between Palestinian protesters and IOF soldiers following demonstrations in different villages and towns in Ramallah, al-Khalil and Qalqilya.

The IOF attacked the peaceful protesters with live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters injuring dozens of them.

The Palestinian protesters responded by throwing stones and burning tires.

In Beit Ummar town in al-Khalil, the IOF climbed the rooftops of Palestinian homes, assaulted their residents, and installed a checkpoint at the entrance of the town.

Hundreds of Palestinians on Friday took to the streets in the West Bank to protest the recent “peace plan” announced by the US president Donald Trump, which is known as the “deal of the century”, and the ongoing settlement expansion on seized Palestinian land.