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Israeli hate groups vandalize property in Palestinian village

Members of Jewish hate groups today punctured tires of more than 70 vehicles and spray-painted racist, anti-Arab and anti-Palestinian hate slogans in the Palestinian Arab town of al-Jish, in the Galilee, northern Palestine, according to local sources.

The residents believe that the “Price Tag”, an anti-Palestinian Israeli terror group, was behind this vandalism. The group has routinely attacked Palestinians in the occupied Palestine.

Commenting on this latest arson, Wadee’ Abu Nassar, a Palestinian activist, called to fight what he called measures that merely aim to terrorize citizens, noting that the town is frequently targeted by that group, yet the Israeli authorities have yet to take any action against any of its members.

Israeli settler violence against Palestinians and their property is commonplace in the West Bank and is rarely prosecuted by Israeli occupation. It includes arson of property, mosques and churches, stone-throwing, uprooting of trees, burning crops, and attacks on vulnerable homes, among others.