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UAE confirms two new cases of coronavirus

Chinese and Filipino nationals bring the total number of coronavirus cases in the UAE to seven

The United Arab Emirates’ Health Ministry confirmed on Saturday that two new cases of coronavirus have been detected in the Gulf country.

In a statement published online, the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention said the two new cases were a Chinese and Filipino national.

“The patients were identified through the continuous periodic screening being conducted in accordance with the standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO) for people with symptoms of the new coronavirus,” the statement read.

The ministry added that the patients were currently under observation and receiving relevant medical treatment.

These latest cases rise the total cases of coronavirus patients in the UAE to seven.

The Emirates was the first Middle Eastern country to confirm it had detected cases of coronavirus.

Earlier this month, the UAE suspended all flights from China, except Beijing, following the outbreak of the virus.

Other countries to have suspended flights from China in the region include Iran and Iraq.

Earlier on Saturday, the virus claimed its first two non-Chinese victims – a US citizen who was diagnosed with coronavirus and a Japanese man suspected to have the infection.

Both individuals died in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the illness is suspected of originating.