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12 Israeli soldiers injured in Jerusalem car ramming

12 Israeli soldiers were injured, one seriously, in a car-ramming operation in central Occupied Jerusalem at dawn Thursday.

According to different Israeli news reports, medical sources initially said that 14 people were injured, but the Israeli occupation army later updated this figure, saying that 12 sustained different injuries.

The driver suspected of carrying out the attack, which took place at around 1:45 am next to Jerusalem’s First Station, fled the scene and is currently being hunted by Israeli security and military forces, according to the Israeli police

The Israeli army admitted that those targeted were soldiers from the Golani brigade making their way to the Aqsa Mosque’s Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, adding that the driver accelerated toward the group from behind and no shots were fired toward him.

Israeli medical sources said one soldier was critically wounded, one was in medium condition suffering from limb wounds and 10 others were slightly injured. All of the soldiers were taken to hospital, two of them in military ambulances.

The incident comes amid escalating skirmishes between Palestinian youths and the Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank and Jerusalem after US president Donald Trump announced his pro-Israel peace plan, which is informally known as the deal of the century and believed to be aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause.