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Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails say mistreatment of women, minors will not go by unanswered

Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails warned that mistreatment of women and minor prisoners in the jails will not go by unanswered, according to a statement by the prisoners published today by the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS).

“We are aware of the news of continuous attacks by prison guards against our sisters, especially in the last two days of January 2020, and likewise the continuous attacks against our youngsters who are deprived of their most basic legitimate human rights which includes deprivation, in light of the very cold weather, of blankets, hot baths and warm clothing,” said the statement. “What is even more dangerous is denying them (minors) the presence of their representatives to manage their lives and protect them.”

The prisoners said the prisons administrations carry out beatings, strip searches, threats, intimidation, and attempts at extortion and sexual abuse of the women and minor prisoners in order to subjugate them.

“We will not stand by, idle and paralyzed, and we are fully prepared and ready to support them,” said the prisoners, calling on national institutions, officials, factions and the general public to defend the women and minor prisoners and their right to live in dignity.

“It is our duty not to allow the prison administration and its security to have an open field against them. We have a responsibility to protect them and make sure they have a decent life. We pledge to make their cause at the center of our struggle, at the top of our priorities, and at the heart of our program to safeguard their rights, maintain their dignity and protect them,” said the prisoners in their statement.