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Mass rallies in Jordan, rejecting Trump’s deal

The general observer of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, Abd al-Hamid Al-Thunaibat, called on the government to take a clear and explicit stance to stop the American conspiracy (the deal of the century) that is being woven for the Jordanian and Palestinian peoples and called on it to translate the three royal noes (for resettlement and the alternative homeland and no relinquishment of Jerusalem) on the ground.

The march came, at the invitation of the National, Alliance to drop the deal of the century, with the participation of popular and youth movements and the Islamic movement, as the demonstrators demanded the Arab and Islamic peoples, to act in defense of Jerusalem and holy sites.

The participants in the march chanted slogans affirming the unity of Jordan and Palestine and their peoples, “Jordan and Palestine are one people and not two peoples.” They emphasized the Jordanian position rejecting the deal “Jordan, the land of Rabat, does not accept degradation.” They also chanted, “Jordan, Jordan, the land of the crowd is the extreme of the land of glory”.

In addition, after Friday prayers, a number of Jordanian demonstrations and demonstrations were launched condemning the alleged American plan for the settlement known as the “Deal of the Century”.

Participants in the vigils stressed that the land of Palestine is complete for Arabs and Muslims, and does not accept quotas with Jews, considering that what was announced by US President Donald Trump recently, “is just nonsense, and people will not accept it.”

They demanded the cancellation of all the agreements signed with the Zionist occupation, foremost of which was the “Wadi Araba” agreement, and the cancellation of the gas agreement, as a first gesture to confront the biased deal of the occupation.

They also raised slogans refusing to liquidate the Palestinian issue and canceling the right of return, and rejecting further expansion at the expense of West Bank lands, stressing at the same time that the land of Palestine is complete from the river to the sea.

And last Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced, at a press conference in Washington, the alleged “Deal of the Century”, in the presence of outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The plan, which was rejected by the Palestinian Authority and all the resistance factions, includes the establishment of a “connected” Palestinian state in the form of an archipelago connected by bridges and tunnels, and making the city of Jerusalem an undivided capital for “Israel”.