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Hamas asks Abbas to respond to US plan, end security ties with Israel

The Hamas Movement on Monday evening underlined important requirements for an effective response to the US plan known as “the deal of the century” and said they need official edicts from Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.

According to a statement released by Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum on Monday, these requirements means that Abbas should make an official announcement that “ends immediately the security coordination with the Israeli occupation state, lifts the sanctions on the Gaza Strip, and gives a free hand to Palestinian security forces, youths and the armed resistance to protect the country and people and defend the land and holy sites.”

“Confronting and thwarting the deal of the century and protecting our people’s interests are the duty and responsibility of all Palestinians,” spokesman Barhoum said, describing the US plan as “a new Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) and Zio-American aggression against the Palestinian people.”

The spokesman stressed the need for responsible and courageous positions to confront the US plan by all national parties through mobilizing the Palestinian masses and escalating all forms of resistance against the occupation.

He also called for necessarily mobilizing the Muslim nation to stand by and support the Palestinian people and their steadfastness against the occupation.

Although the Palestinians rejected his plan, US president Donald Trump is expected to announce it on Tuesday.

Trump told reporters on Monday that his plan, known informally as the deal of the century, would be announced at noon Tuesday (5PM GMT) and expressed his belief that the Palestinians would “ultimately” give their support.

“I think it might have a chance,” he said alongside visiting Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House.

Israel’s Channel 12 and 13 said Trump’s plan would recognize Israeli sovereignty over virtually all settlements in the occupied West Bank, which are illegal under international law.

That would move the US-recognized Israeli border further east into Palestinian territory and Israeli sovereignty would be recognized over the whole of Jerusalem, which Palestinians seek as the capital of their future state.

The plan would also recognize a demilitarized Palestinian state at a later time, but Palestinian officials are highly unlikely to accept the plan, which Channel 12 said would also demand the Palestinian resistance’s disarmament and Palestinian recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.