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Trump announces the Deal of Century

US President Donald Trump announced on Monday evening that he will announce tomorrow evening, Tuesday, the details of the ‘Deal of Century’s’ Plan.

This came in statements made by Trump to reporters from the White House, prior to the start of his meeting with the Israeli occupation Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, which will be followed by a separate meeting that brings Trump to the head of the “Anonymous Lavan” bloc, Benny Gantz, to present the details of the “deal of the century”.

“My peace plan is very logical to everyone, and it will have an opportunity for success and will be announced on Tuesday evening,” Trump said.

Trump confirmed that “the Palestinians should accept the peace plan because it is good for them,” in addition, “They (the Palestinians) are not living well. You know, we have reduced aid to the Palestinians. They are excellent negotiators and I don’t know what they will say, but we will negotiate.”

Trump said that “without the Palestinians, we will not make the deal,” noting that many Arab countries have agreed to the “Deal of Century” and considers it a great deal.

Palestinians refuse this deal because they want no peace with the Israeli occupation, they want an independent state.