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Torture against Palestinian children in Damon jails

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New witnesses by Palestinian children, who were recently transferred to Damon jail before being transferred to Ofer jail, have surfaced.

The Committee of Prisoners and Former Prisoners revealed in a report issued that the conditions in Damon jail are “disastrous” and not suitable for humans, according to the prisoner Khalil Jabbarin.

Jabbarin stated that after he, and other children, were sent to the jail, the Israeli prison administration ordered them to choose representatives instead of the adult prisoners, who represent them but the children refused the Israeli order.

Jabbarin added that “the Israeli occupation repressed all the children, who declared a state of rebellion in protest against the appalling conditions inside the jail and against separating them from their representatives”.

Four children were put in solitary confinement, including Jabbarin, who was accused of incitement against the jailers.

“A lot of the children, who were sent to Damon jail, declared an open hunger strike in protest against the horrible conditions in jail”, said Jabbarin. “Among those who went on hunger strike, Riyadh Omour, who was stripped of his clothes and was threatened to remain undressed unless he ends his hunger strike”.

The Committee stressed that the Israeli occcupation escalation against Palestinian children violates all international laws and basic human rights. It called on the international community and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to stop the Israeli assaults against children.