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‘Deal of the century’ threatens Israel’s understandings with Hamas

The US ‘deal of the century’ is to undermine Israel’s understandings with Hamas, and may perpetuate the current situation for years to come, according to Israeli military analyst, Ron Ben Yeshai, an Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth.

The Israeli analyst notes that the deal, which will shortly be presented to Israeli leaders at the White House, will escalate the situation in the Palestinian territories – the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as well as in Jordan.

Regarding the agreements, he stresses that the deal constitutes a challenge for Hamas, because the Palestinian movement sees it a plan taken by the Christian evangelical current in the US, in cooperation with the Israeli right-wing.

Hamas, according to Yeshai, considers this plan as targeting Islam and posing a challenge for it, so that all the ongoing measures ahead of reaching a deal with Hamas in Gaza will be scrapped by the announcement of the ‘deal of the century’.

Ben Yeshai added: “Any unilateral measures by Israel would perpetuate the current situation for tens of years so that Israel must not be lured into the US policies because it is in the peak of the electoral process and all of the ongoing discourse is only in favour of Netanyahu and Trump.”