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Missing Palestinian child 8-year-old found dead in pool of rainwater

Palestinian eight-year-old boy who went missing in East Jerusalem Friday afternoon was found dead in a large pool of rainwater Saturday morning after long hours of search efforts.

Qais Abu Ramila had apparently drowned in the pond, formed after days of rain in the city’s Beit Hanina neighborhood.

The boy was found after search and the people of Jerusalem searched the pool water overnight.

Abu Ramila had last been seen at around 4:00 p.m. before vanishing.

His family initially said he was kidnapped while going to a convenience store, after fears that he might be kidnapped by Israeli settlers, as happened to the child Muhammad Abu Khdair years ago.

Clashes broke out overnight after Beit Hanina residents searching for Abu Ramila tried to enter the nearby Israeli settlement of Neve Yaakov.

Some 12 demonstrators were injured in scuffles with Israeli occupation forces and IOF arrested three of the protesters.