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Israeli occupation forces to demolish homes of four Palestinian detainees

The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have issued orders for the demolition of the family houses of four Palestinian detainees who are accused of being involved in anti-Israel attacks.

The Palestinian detainees are Mohammed Atawneh, Walid Hanatsheh, Yazan Maghames and Ahmad Qunbu’.

Mohammed Atawneh is accused of taking part in an operation that led to the killing of an Israeli soldier in Gush Etzion south of Bethlehem in August 2019.

Walid Hanatsheh and Yazan Maghames are accused of being involved in the Ein Bubin blast near Ramallah in which an Israeli soldier was killed and two settlers were injured in August 2019.

Ahmad Qunbu’ is accused of being part of a cell led by martyr Ahmad Jarrar. The cell carried out a shooting attack and killed a hardline rabbi in January 2018.

Israeli media sources reported that the IOA will keep an eye on the four houses after the demolition to make sure they are not built again.

Home demolition is one of the collective punishment policies pursued by the IOA against the families of Palestinian detainees and martyrs who are accused of planning or taking part in anti-occupation operations.