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Bug infested and no hot water: prison conditions for Palestinian minors

PLO’s Commission for Prisoners and Freed Prisoners revealed yesterday that 33 Palestinian minors are facing “disastrous” conditions in the Israeli Damoun prison, Al Resalah newspaper reported.

In a report, the commission said that the Israeli prison services had “arbitrarily” relocated 33 minors from Ofer prison to Damoun without adult representatives present.

The commission said that the minors were placed in five cells, including three without windows and two with very small windows. This section does not have outdoor space and has previously been deserted for two years leaving it bug ridden.

“In short, it is unsuitable for human life,” the report said.

The minors did not have enough blankets and clothes when they were relocated or hot water to shower in.

When the detainees protested against their detention, jail guards sent in special forces to deter them by cutting electricity and water supplies, teargassed them and confiscating their personal kits. Some of them were placed in solitary confinement in Al Jalama Prison.

Some of the prisoners were also issued with fines.