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Israel to organise music festival in Sinai during Easter

Israel is to host Hashmaliko, a musical festival in Sinai with the participation of musicians of the Arab world, during the upcoming Easter holiday.

On Sunday Israeli website, Walla! News announced the festival in an article entitled “The Israeli festival to be held in Sinai.”

According to Walla! News, the Hashmaliko festival is an electronic music festival aimed at bringing together musicians and artists from all over the Middle East.

The festival will be held on the shores of the Red Sea in the resort of Dana Beach, 15 kilometres north of Nuweiba, Egypt, over four days between 10-14 April.

Musicians from Egypt and Iran will also be performing, attracting tourists from around the globe.

Arie Shalfi, one of the festival organizers, explained: “We went to the Egyptian police to obtain permits. There will be policemen and private security guards at the festival, as well as medical assistance.”

The festival tickets will be sold for NIS 500 ($145), with the cost of accommodation ranging from NIS 40 ($11.5) for wooden huts, to NIS 300 ($87) for rooms.