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Israeli occupation forces arrest Palestinian young man, storms towns in West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Monday evening kidnapped a Palestinian young man in the north of al-Khalil and stormed Beit Ummar town in the north.

Local sources reported that the IOF kidnaped a young man identified as Muayad Makhamra, from Yatta city, in Sadat al-Fahs area, south of al-Khalil.

The IOF also stormed al-Dhaher area of Beit Ummar town in the north of al-Khalil and fired live ammunition and stun and tear gas grenades at local residents and homes.

Some residents reportedly suffered from their exposure to tear gas fumes during their presence inside their homes.

The Palestinians in al-Dhaher area of Beit Ummar town have been exposed to many assaults before on their homes and agricultural property by Israeli soldiers and settlers.

In a separate incident, the IOF stormed Azzun town in Qalqilya and clashed with local youths.

The clashes prompted businesses near the main entrance to the town to close their doors.

The Hebrew media claimed that the IOF stormed the town after two settlers were injured in a stone-throwing attack on two buses in a nearby area.