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Israel forces confiscate five tractors in West Bank

Israeli occupation forces raided on Friday the Palestinian village of Al-Malih in the occupied West Bank and confiscated five tractors, Safa News Agency reported.

Head of the Village Council of Al-Malih, Ahmad Daraghmeh, revealed that the Israeli occupation forced confiscated the tractors and claimed the tractors were working in a “closed military zone”.

The head of the Village Council stressed that the area is owned by the Palestinian farmers, noting that the Israeli occupation had recently confiscated tens of tractors from their owners while they were working in their farms in the same area.

He condemned the weak support for the farmers in the village, adding that these farmers are considered a shield protecting the Palestinian lands from being expropriated by the Israeli occupation.

“We hear remarks and receive statements of support, but we see nothing on the ground. The farmers are in the field alone,” he concluded.