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Israel killed 149 Palestinians in 2019

The Israeli occupation army killed 149 Palestinians in 2019, 74% of whom were from the Gaza Strip, the National Gathering of Palestine Families has said.

Mohammed Sbeihat, the secretary general of the gathering, said in a statement that 33 of the martyrs were children, representing 23% of the total number.

Sbeihat said that the number of child martyrs witnessed a 5% increase compared to last year.

Based on a newly issued report by the gathering, 112 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, 69 of whom in Israeli bombing, and 37 were killed in the West Bank.

The youngest martyrs were two unborn babies: Abdullah Abu Arar and Ayman al-Madhoun who were killed on 4 May and 5 May respectively. The oldest martyr was Abed al-Rahim al-Madhoun, 61, who was killed on 5 May. All are from Gaza.

In 2019, the Israeli occupation authorities withheld the bodies of 15 Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks, raising the number of detained martyrs to 306.