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Mahathir calls for taking legal action against Israeli occupation

Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamed concluded the Kuala Lumpur summit, which was held on December 18-21, on a high note with an emphasis on the need to prosecute the Israeli occupation state for its crimes against the Palestinians.

Addressing a news conference following the closing session of the summit, Mahathir denied that the Kuala Lumpur summit was intended to create another Islamic entity.

“We would like to again reiterate that this summit is focused on its objectives of finding solutions and programs that we believe can assist and eventually save the Ummah from their current plight,” he said.

The Malaysian premier said that the summit crafted initiatives that would benefit the Ummah in fields such as advanced hi-technology, media collaboration, center of excellence for scientific research, food security as well as youth leadership.

As for Palestine, he stressed the need to prosecute Israel for its killing of innocent people and the construction of settlements on others’ lands.