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Israel allows Gaza to export strawberries to Europe, Gulf

Israeli occupation authorities have allowed Gaza farmers to export strawberries to European countries and Gulf States, news agencies reported yesterday.

Palestinian farmers from Gaza exported five tonnes of strawberries to the UK yesterday through Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport, the Jerusalem Post said.

A similar amount was sent to Qatar and the UAE via the Allenby crossing between the occupied West Bank and Jordan last week.

Chinese news agency Xinhua said Israel only allowed the export of a limited amount of strawberries to Europe, while Israeli press reported that 450 tonnes were cleared for export to the occupied West Bank and further afield.

Gaza farmers are planting 7,300 dunams (1,800 acres) of strawberries in the north of the besieged enclave this year.

The industry employs about 1,500 Gazan farmers.

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