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IOF quells dozens of W. Bank workers near separation wall

The Israeli occupation forces attacked dozens of Palestinian workmen near Qaffin town in the north of Tulkarem.

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that Israeli occupation soldiers chased and quelled a large number of workers after they crossed into Israel (the 1948 occupied lands) through a gate at the separation wall in Qaffin town.

The Israeli occupation soldiers showered the workers with tear gas grenades and fired live and rubber bullets at them to prevent them from going farther, adding that the forces received aerial support from a helicopter.

They also said that the forces chased and captured many workers on nearby hills on the Israeli side of the wall after they ran far away.

There is still no information if anyone was hurt during the IOF attack on workers.

The workers were seeking to enter Israeli occupation (the 1948 occupied lands) to find jobs.

In recent months, dozens of West Bank workers had been injured in similar shooting incidents upon their attempts to reach workplaces in Israel.

The harsh economic conditions of many Palestinian families in the West Bank drive their sons and breadwinners to work in Israeli occupation areas.

Only limited numbers of West Bank citizens manage to get work permits from the Israeli occupation authority — a situation that prompts hundreds of thousands of other workers to infiltrate into Israeli areas through the separation fence or wall.