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Four winners of the Prize for Preserving Palestinian Heritage in UK

The Palestinian Forum in Britain announced on Friday 13.12.2019 the names of the winners of the annual award for the preservation of the Palestinian heritage with included four fields in the national music, fashion, food and embroidery, and for this year it was gifted to Sir Ian Kalimar and his wife Jean for their project called “the national fabric of Palestinian history” where more than 100 meters of patterns emulate Palestinian history, and the work is still under progress.

Suhad Jarrar was also one of the winners claiming the prize for the Palestinian Costume Preservation Award for her mobile exhibition, which is non-commercial and showcases a historical collection of Palestinian garments in addition to old heritage tools that preserve and take care of them constantly, whilst Palestinian Youtuber Basil Al-Haj won the Palestinian Kitchen Award for his outstanding episode about the largest ‘Maqlooba’ which was organized by the Palestinian Forum, and this episode achieved millions of views.

The Forum also presented the Palestinian Song Award to the Forsan band for the Dabkeh, the band is a group of young British men of Palestinian origin who excelled in Dabkeh and made their spare time to spread it. Their band is considered the only group to be working regularly in Britain.

Dinner was presented from the Palestinian kitchen on the sidelines of the honoring of the attendees, who numbered more than 200 people, and listened to a speech from Dr. Raed Fathi, a teacher at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, with beautiful lyrical links of the artist Abdel-Fattah Awinat and an outstanding performance of Dabkeh where Palestinian scarves were handed out to the attendees.

Humanitarian donations were present in this Palestinian gathering and were given to an association working in the field of relief for Palestinian and Syrian refugees in northern Syria.