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Gaza: Only 8% of annual medical needs sent from Ramallah

The government hospitals in the besieged Gaza Strip have received from the Palestinian health ministry in Ramallah only eight percent of the medical supplies they need since the beginning of the current year.

According to the office of the health ministry in Gaza, the hospitals’ annual requirement of medical supplies amounts to $40 million; however, only 3.2 million of their needs have been dispatched from the warehouses of the health ministry since the beginning of 2019.

For over two years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its government in Ramallah have embarked on imposing their own sanctions on embattled Gaza, including, among other things, cutting off salaries to thousands of PA employees, stopping to provide financial assistance for hundreds of families and reducing medical supplies to  hospitals.

Such measures by PA president Mahmoud Abbas are actually linked with the conflict with the Hamas Movement following his party’s loss in the 2006 election and his repeated attempts to monopolize the Palestinian institutions and marginalize the legislative authority.