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5 Palestinian workers injured by Israeli gunfire in northern Tulkarem

Five Palestinian workmen suffered bullet injuries on Tuesday morning after Israeli soldiers opened fire at them in the north of Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank, according to the Red Crescent.

Ambulance crews from the Red Crescent provided medical assistance for four wounded workers after soldiers fired live ammunition at them, and also for many others who suffered from their exposure to tear gas fumes during clashes with them near the separation fence in the west of Nazlat Isa village, north of Tulkarem.

The events started when a group of workers rallied near the gate of the separation fence in the area in an attempt to reach workplaces inside Israel (the 1948 occupied lands).

Another Palestinian citizen suffered a live bullet injury during his presence near one of the holes in the fence, which are used by many workers to enter Israeli areas to find jobs, especially on construction sites. This shooting incident happened near Zeita town in northern Tulkarem.

Workers said they infiltrated the area at dawn in an attempt to cross into Israel, but they found that soldiers had come last night and closed all openings in the fence.

The harsh economic conditions of many Palestinian families in the West Bank drive their sons and breadwinners to work in Israeli areas.

Only limited numbers of West Bank citizens manage to get work permits from the Israeli occupation authority, which prompts hundreds of thousands of other workers to infiltrate into Israeli areas through openings in the fence.