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Tires of vehicles ruined, hate speech graffiti by Israeli settlers in Jerusalem

Dozens of Palestinian vehicles were vandalized by a horde of extremist Jewish settlers overnight in the Shu’fat town in the east of Occupied Jerusalem.

According to local sources, tires were slashed on around 40 vehicles and threats against the local residents spray-painted on walls of homes.

The settlers are believed to be from the illegal settlement of Ramat Shlomo, which was built on annexed Palestinian land.

According to human rights groups, incidents of sabotage and violence by extremist Jewish settlers against Palestinians and their property are a daily occurrence throughout the West Bank.

However, Israeli law enforcement authorities exhibit extreme incompetence in addressing such widespread occurrence of settlers’ crimes.

The vast majority of investigation files regarding harm to Palestinians and their property are closed due to deliberate police failure to investigate properly. The deficiencies and flaws in the work of the Israeli police are clearly noticed at every stage of an investigation when the victim is a Palestinian citizen.