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3 Saudi soldiers killed near Yemen border

Saudi Arabia said Sunday three soldiers were killed along border with war-torn Yemen, reports Anadolu Agency.

The official SPA news agency said the two soldiers “were martyred in defense of religion and homeland” in the southern Jazan region.

Another soldier was killed in the southern Najran province.

Saudi authorities, however, did not give details about the circumstances of the soldiers’ deaths.

Saudi Arabia is leading a coalition of Sunni countries, which have launched a massive air campaign in 2015 against Houthi rebels, who overran much of the country, including capital Sanaa, a year earlier.

Since then, tens of thousands of Yemenis are believed to have been killed in the conflict, while another 14 million are at risk of starvation, according to the UN.

Saudi quagmire in Yemen - Cartoon [Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

Saudi quagmire in Yemen – Cartoon