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Israeli network drives hate campaigns and makes profits

An investigation revealed to the British newspaper, “The Guardian”, that an Israeli network leads hate campaigns against Islamism and the distortion and attack of leftist politicians around the world, and reap record profits.

The network consists of 21 English-speaking Facebook pages, which publish thousands of fake news, and there are contacts between unknown accounts based in “Israel” and 21 pages on “Facebook” belonging to the extreme right in a number of countries to devote “Islamophobia” and launch campaigns to discredit Muslim and left politicians.

Also, The network aims to make profits from digital advertisements, and plays a major role in which the Israeli jewelry salesman, Ariel Elkaras, who lives in Tel Aviv, and some articles were deleted from these right-wing pages, after the Guardian resorted to requesting a comment.

According to the newspaper, the campaign has published about 165,000 publications since its launch, winning overwhelming interaction, some of which amounted to 14.3 million likes, comments and shares. And that, in October alone, the campaign published 5,596 publications, which received 846,424 Facebook interactions.

The investigation confirms that the two groups behind the pages are facing huge amounts of money from the revenues that they received from the advertisements from the number of visits and the interactions on the pages.

It is noteworthy that this investigation constitutes a severe blow to the company “Facebook”, which claims to fight pages that incite hatred and racism, and Facebook company removed a number of pages and accounts after the Guardian contacted them for comment.