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15 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli occupation forces in West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) last night and at dawn Wednesday kidnaped at least 15 Palestinian citizens in the West Bank.

Among the detainees were two teenagers from Azza refugee camp in Bethlehem. They were identified as Mohamed al-Azza, 17, and Mohamed al-Barbari, 18.

13 others were taken prisoners during IOF campaigns in different West Bank areas, according to local sources.

In Jerusalem, the IOF stormed as-Sawahira ash-Sharqiya town and ransacked the house of Abdul-Omar Abdul-Qader before confiscating the car of his son, Jafar. The IOF had raided the same house about 10 days ago and seized 12,000 shekels from the family.

In a separate incident, three Palestinian citizens were injured last night when a Jewish settler driving at high speed rammed his car into them at the eastern entrance to Qalqilya city and fled the scene.