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Israel assassinates Islamic Jihad leader

The ministry of health in Gaza announced in a terse statement that an Israeli raid on eastern Gaza City killed Abul Ata and his wife. It said that two other citizens were wounded in the aerial attack.

The armed wing of the Jihad Movement said that Abul Ata, 42, was killed in a “cowardly assassination attempt in Shujaiah in eastern Gaza.”

The statement announced full alert in all its ranks and promised an “earthshaking reprisal”. It said that the “criminal enemy will bear the responsibility for the results of such aggression”.

The assassination of Abul Ata is the first such attempt since the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza.

The Israeli army said that the assassination was coordinated between the army and the general security and that it was endorsed by the Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, another Israeli air attack on the Syrian capital, Damascus, also at dawn Tuesday targeted the house of Akram al-Ajouri, member of Islamic Jihad political bureau.

The Jihad Movement that the raid killed Ajouri’s son Muadh and wounded his wife.