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Sinwar: Hamas is ready for the public elections!

The head of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, said Sunday that his movement is ready to contest the upcoming Palestinian elections.

Sinwar said, in a brief statement before the start of the factions meeting with the Central Election Commission: “Today we receive the election commission again headed by Dr. Hanna Nasser to receive the position of the brothers in Ramallah.”

He declared that the position of Hamas is clear and frank and there is no hesitation “we are ready for elections,” and we will overcome all obstacles in the way, pointing out that it is an opportunity to get our people and our cause from the crisis that has been going through for years.

Earlier, the head of the Central Election Commission Hanna Nasser to the Gaza Strip; with the aim of completing consultations with national and Islamic factions on the conduct of general elections.

The member of the political bureau of Hamas Khalil Hayya announced that his movement is immediately ready for legislative and presidential elections in Gaza and the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, “out of the current national situation.”

He stressed after the meeting with Nasser led by Hamas in Gaza a few days ago, the readiness of Hamas to deal with its results with full breadth and reassurance, and recognition on the basis of achieving transparency and integrity.

The last legislative elections were held on 25 January 2006. The result was a victory for Hamas, which won 74 of the 132 seats, while Fatah received only 45 seats, Hamas received 44.45% of the vote, and Fatah received 41.43%.

Hamas accuses Fatah of failing to respect the results of the elections and trying to turn against them and to create obstacles and major obstacles that have resulted in a Palestinian division that our people suffer so far.