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Prisoner in Israeli jails “Labadi” rushed to hospital on 38th day of hunger strike

The prisoner club confirmed on Wednesday, the transfer of prisoner “Heba Labadi” hunger strike for the day “38” in a row to the hospital after the deterioration of her health.

Lawyer Ruslan Mahajneh said that Hiba al-Labadi was rushed back to Bani Tzion hospital after her health deteriorated, especially as she continued her hunger strike for 37 days.

Four more prisoners continue their hunger strike to protest their continued administrative detention without trial or charge.

Prisoner Ismail Ali from the town of Abu Dis, and striker for (100) days in a row, with three other prisoners in the detention centers of the occupation, “Israeli” open hunger strike to refuse their administrative detention.

The other three were: Ahmad Zahran, who has been on the strike for 39 days, and Musab al-Hindi, 37, and Hiba al-Labadi, 38 days ago.

The so-called administration of the Israeli Prison Service stresses and tightens the striking prisoners.