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Palestinian detainee moved to hospital

The Israeli occupation authorities transferred the Jordanian detainee Heba al-Labadi to the hospital following a deterioration in her health condition nearly a month after she started an open-ended hunger strike in protest at her administrative detention

The ministry spokesman Sufyan Qudah said in a press statement that Heba was transferred to the hospital on Thursday and provided with the necessary treatment before she was returned to prison on the same day.

“Heba’s health condition is now stable,” Qudah affirmed.

Ahmad al-Labadi, Heba’s father, said in statements to Quds Press that his daughter, who has been on hunger strike for 31 days, is suffering from fatigue, dizziness and heart-related complications.

Heba al-Labadi was arrested by Israeli occupation forces on 20 August when she arrived with her mother at al-Karama crossing to attend a wedding in Nablus in the West Bank.

In the first weeks of her detention, Heba was subjected to harsh interrogation and torture and prevented from seeing her family. About 33 days after she was arrested, although no charge was made against her, an Israeli court issued a five-month administrative detention order against her and she was moved to Damon jail.

Israel is holding 22 Jordanian prisoners in its jails, the latest of whom were Heba al-Labadi and Abdulrahman Mar’i who suffers from cancer and needs urgent medical interventions.