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Women call for Gaza crossings to reopen

Scores of Palestinian women protested at the Israeli controlled Erez crossing in the besieged Gaza Strip on Tuesday calling for an end to the siege.

Organized by the Higher Committee of the Great Return March and Breaking Gaza Siege, the demonstration highlighted the suffering of women in the Strip as a result of the ongoing 12-year long Israeli siege on Gaza.

Huda Hassan, a university graduate, and activist said: “Some 17,000 to 18,000 university students graduating each year who have not been able to find work. “Even the industrial and production sectors, which used to offer more than 120,000 job opportunities, now do not offer more than 7,000 opportunities,” she added.

The construction sector is practically stagnant as a result of the inability to import the necessary equipment. Construction used to offer some 70,000 job opportunities in the enclave.

The representative of the committee, Iktimal Hamad, said: “Palestinian women are the main victims of the siege of Gaza; She is the mother, wife, daughter, teacher, student, doctor and patient. She suffers from all aspects of the illegal blockade.”