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Palestinian young man shot dead at Israeli checkpoint in Tulkarem

A Palestinian young man was cold-bloodedly killed by Israeli soldiers on Friday evening at a military checkpoint near the village of Khirbet Jabara, south of Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank.

According to Isreali media reports, a young man in his 20s suffered serious bullet injuries at Te’enim checkpoint near Tulkarem city and was left to bleed to death before soldiers allowed a Red Crescent ambulance to reach him.

The Israeli occupation army claimed in a statement the young man ran with a knife in his hand toward the checkpoint to attack soldiers, when one of them called on him stop, but after he failed to do so, he was shot at.

There is still no information about the identity of the young man or if the checkpoint soldiers allowed the Palestinian ambulance crew to evacuate the body.

Last Thursday night, a Palestinian young man was shot by undercover Israeli police after his car collided with an unmarked vehicle of the police unit that was making arrests in Ramallah’s Al-Amari refugee camp, leading to clashes between the Israeli force and local residents.

The victim, an east Jerusalem resident in his 20s, was evacuated to a hospital in critical condition.