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Court session held for Samer Arabeed at Hadassah Hospital

On October 15, 2019, Samer Arbeed’s detention was extended for another eight days following a court session that was held in hospital without allowing his lawyer to attend it.

According to Addameer Association for Prisoner Support and Human Rights, the court hearing was held in Hadassah Hospital’s intensive care unit, where Samer was transferred on September 27 due to life-threatening injuries, which he sustained during his exposure to extreme torture by Israeli interrogators in al-Maskubiya interrogation and detention center.

Samer has regained consciousness and was disconnected from a respirator, but he continues to lie in the intensive care unit at Hadassah Hospital, Addameer said on its website.

Samer’s medical report details multiple serious injuries. His kidneys have seriously malfunctioned, requiring him to be on regular dialysis. Additionally, he suffers from pains and swelling all over his body, particularly in his extremities, and he is still unable to move his legs. Eleven of his ribs are also fractured.

Samer are still being denied legal counsel, while Israeli officers continue to interrogate him while he is in the intensive car unit.

Addameer said it was permitted by Israeli officials who held the court session at the hospital to publicly comment on and publish information about Samer’s health condition following a previous gag order.