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Palestinian detainee on hunger strike for 93 days in Israeli prisons, says group

A Palestinian detainee held in Israeli prisons has been on hunger strike for 93 consecutive days demanding his release from administrative detention, the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) said today.

Another prisoner has been on hunger strike for 83 consecutive days and a third for 76, it added, while three others have been on hunger strike for less than one month, all demanding their freedom.

The PPS said Ahmad Ghannam, 42, from the town of Dora in the south of the West Bank and who is married and a father to two children age four years and 18 months, was detained on June 18 and slammed with administrative detention for six months without charge or trial.

Ghannam, who spend  a total of six years in Israeli prisons, is suffering from Leukemia and had undergone several critical operations in the last four years.

The other striking prisoners include Ismail Ali, who  has been on hunger strike for 83 days, Tareq  Qadan, on strike for 76 days, Ahmad Zahran for 23 days, Musab Hindi for 21 days and Hiba Labadi, for 21 days, who was detained as she was coming to the West Bank from Jordan last month.

All the prisoners believe their administrative detention is without merit and the only way to get Israel to stop renewing it is by going on hunger strike.

There are currently over 450 Palestinians held in administrative detention.