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Ennahda leads Tunisia’s legislative elections with 52 seats

Tunisia’s Ennahda party has attained 52 seats out of 217 in the country’s next government, the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Wednesday night.

The Heart of Tunisia party came second with 38 seats in the parliament, followed by the Democratic Current list with 22.

The Karama (Dignity) Coalition came fourth, with 21 MPs in the new parliament, while the Free Constitutional Party came fifth with 17 seats.

According to preliminary results announced by the commission, Al-Chaab (People)’s Movement came in sixth place with 16 seats.

Tahya Tunisia Movement of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed followed with 14 seats, then the Project of Tunisia with 4 seats, while the other lists obtained 33 seats.

With only 52 of total 217 parliament seats, Ennahda may face difficulties to form a governing coalition.

Without majority in parliament, it would be difficult to overcome Tunisia’s economic problems including large public debt and unemployment of 15 per cent.