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Sad Story: The Volunteer Mother…

Volunteer mother. .

Since August 8, 9-month-old Mohammed Muheisen, from the Gaza Strip, has been in a recovery bed at the Red Crescent Hospital in Hebron, away from his mother, who was prevented by the Israeli occupation from escorting him, under the pretext of being young.

A few days ago, the young woman learned the lights of the baby’s story, and without hesitation, she rushed to volunteer to care for him around the clock, where he needs other weeks of treatment.

Anwar’s care is not limited to feeding, cleaning and caressing the baby, but also communicating with his relatives in the Gaza Strip and reassuring them by voice and video through a cellular phone.

The doctor Osama Qabaja supervisor of the treatment of Mohammed, that most of the medical issues have been treated, but the psychological state of the young delay his recovery, and he needs his mother to be at his side, especially during this stage of treatment.