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IOF raids homes summons citizen in al-Khalil

The Israeli occupation forces on Saturday raided several homes in al-Khalil province and summoned a Palestinian citizen for interrogation.

According to local sources, the IOF stormed Bani Na’im town in the east of al-Khalil and ransacked a number of homes belonging to the families of Zidat and al-Khadour.

During its campaign in the town, the IOF handed a citizen called Mohamed al-Khadour a summons for interrogation.

The IOF also stormed Beit Kahel town in the northwest of al-Khalil and searched a house belonging to Abdul-Mahdi az-Zuhour.

In al-Khalil city, the IOF patrolled several neighborhoods and set up a military checkpoint at the northern entrance to the city, where soldiers embarked on intercepting cars for security check.