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Israeli Uses Fake Charities to Get Security Information about Gaza

Palestinian Interior and National Security Ministry in Gaza yesterday revealed that Israeli occupation intelligence has started using new ways to get security information about Gaza, a statement said.

The change in technique is a result of the ministry’s crackdown on Israeli occupation spies on the ground. Instead, Israeli occupation agents are now calling Palestinians in Gaza claiming to be staff at charities which can help alleviate their financial worries in an effort to obtain detailed private information.

Hundreds of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts have been set up by Israeli occupation intelligence services in an effort to gather personal information about individuals. Some claim to offer jobs, others provide advice and food recipes.

It warned Palestinians against falling into the occupation’s traps, anyone who fears they have been caught up in the Israeli occupation intelligence’s tactics should call the ministry on the free hotline 109, it added.

Working with Israeli occupation forces, it warned, is treason and is a punishable offense.